July 18, 2020

The incredible Rohr Lake and Mount Rohr

British Columbia, Canada

If there's one thing that British Columbia always amazes me is how many places there are yet to be explored, places that can only be seen on Google Maps satellite and there are no roads or trails to get to. Even though Rohr Lake doesn't fit in this particular category, it is still mostly unknown to most hiking enthusiasts. It's not hard to find information on the internet to get here, but it definitely doesn't appear on the list of British Columbia's most desired hiking destinations.

Rohr Lake is very close to an extremely popular destination: Joffre Lakes, and maybe that's why it has been under explored so far. Why bother coming here when you have another spectacular alpine lake close by and with proper infrastructure like parking, outhouse and camping.

Me, Patrick, Amanda and Jonathan went on a weekend adventure to camp at Rohr Lake and hike to the top of Mount Rohr.

The first section of the hike to the lake is boring, not much to see and extremely muddy, we did it in less than 2 hours with lots of stops to rest and drink water. After getting to the lake and finding a spot to set up camp, we rested for a good hour before heading to Mount Rohr, it took us around 3.5 hours to get to the top with some stops for photos. We watched the sunset from the summit and started going back down around 10pm when it was already getting dark. It took us 2 hours to get back to our tents and we star gazed around a campfire for a little while before sleeping. It was a fantastic night.

The next day we woke up, took a couple more photos of the lake and started packing our gear to hike down back to the car. Patrick decided to go for a cold dip in the lake and after that, we were back to the muddy trail fighting the gazillion mosquitoes. We were pretty tired and everything we wanted was a juicy burger to get all the calories back, which we got in Pemberton on our way back to Vancouver.

In total, we hiked in 24hours something around 25km with a total of 1200 meters of elevation. I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

Patrick, Amanda and Jonathan at the trail junction. To the left you start heading to Wendy Thompson Hut and to the right Rohr Lake.

Patrick enjoying the view from the top of the rock pile, Rohr Lake is finally getting close.

My tent pitched on one of the very few flat spots around the lake. Not even enough space to open the vestibules.

Rohr Lake from the first viewpoint we had on the way to Mount Rohr.

Some lucky camper found this spot, they even had some snow only for themselves

The beautiful meadow on the way to Mount Rohr

The trail facing Mount Marriott.

Patrick and Mount Marriott on the background.

After a few hours hiking you get to this viewpoint where you can see some unnamed lakes, this area is pretty remote.

Yours truly. Photo credit: Patrick Gregorowicz

Jonathan enjoying this incredible view.

After a couple more minutes hiking up we stopped at this viewpoint for more photos

Amanda appreciating the view. It was getting pretty cold and windy, and the sun was starting to set pretty quickly.

The joy of getting to the summit. Photo credit: Patrick Gregorowicz

Patrick and the Canadian flag ate the top of Mount Rohr. Photo credit: Patrick Gregorowicz

Mount Marriott viewed from the top of Mount Rohr. Photo credit: Patrick Gregorowicz

Patrick at the summit of Mount Rohr.

Mount Matier and Joffre Peak's north face that collapsed a few months ago.

Mount Matier and Joffre Peak getting shy behind the clouds as the light starts to fade.

What a beautiful sunset eh.

Patrick pointing the direction to where we need to go, at this point it was getting too dark and we had to go back.

The next morning. We found another view of the lake after climbing a rock pile.

Rohr Lake was so still in the morning, it looked like glass.

The brave Patrick, this water is extremely cold and diving into the lake is no joke.

Another tent we saw on the way back. 5 stars view.

Patrick with the Cayoosh Mountain on the background.

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